Internal Audit Compliance & Risk Management Department

Our Journey
Internal Audit and Investigation Department was established in 2011 by the University Governing Council. Ever since, the department has been very vibrant dynamic in supporting the various university departments in the university in enhancing efficiency and establishing sound controls to improve existing processes and procedures. Recently in 2016, the name of the department’s changed to Internal Audit Compliance and Risk Management department. This move was intended to align the department’s auditing approaches to match industry trends and embrace more of post auditing approach, Risk Based Audit Approach (RBAA), Risk Management and Governance. IAC&RM supports the University Management Board and the Audit Committee of the Governing Council in identifying, avoiding and mitigating risks by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

On this website, one/you can be able to understand and appreciate information about the department's Mission, the types of audits engagements we do, our audit process, a typical scope of one of our audits assignments and the current audit staff. In an effort to relay more information to you, we shall also provide and continue to share with you links and information relating to University's internal control environment including the University's strategic efforts and the Internal Control Self-Assessment tool(s) used by the various departments in the University.

Our clients /customers will find particulars on how to "report an issue" to the University's respective organs or structures. Last but not least, IAC&RM Department shall provide you with useful links/contacts to both internal and external information; for instance common University's policies and procedures. It is our hope that our clients will find information provided through this website helpful and we encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any questions. By so doing, we make our work environment friendly and conducive therefore fostering teamwork and coordination within the entire university organs.